I Imagine | Accounting and Financial Planning
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Accounting and Financial Planning

Are you searching for an Accounting and Financial Planning Service that really understands your needs?

Imagine getting Cutting edge support from highly qualified financial experts.


Imagine My Accounting and Financial Planning Services provide cutting edge, forward thinking accounting and financial planning experts, with the core focus to provide a high level service and due diligence to SME’ sand companies whom are lazer focused on succeeding and need the right financial and accounting structure to support them.


Imagine My Financial Accounting Services, have a solid reputation for being specialists in all aspects of small to medium size business, including coaching and business development, cash flow management and improvement strategies, and ultimately profit maximisation.


We have worked hard to accumulate the resources and knowledge to need and should expect from your accounting and financial planning partner, to help you achieve your business and personal goals.


Our vision is to be a leading provider of accounting and financial planning services, combined with business advice in our area and we are recognised for delivering accurate, timely, high quality accounting and financial solutions with an open, innovative and sustainable approach.


Get started today with your Accounting and Financial Planning needs, contact us:


  • Phone: 03 9297 3949 or 1300 007 707
  • Email:info@i-imagine.com.au


Business | Support | Network

Expand Your Business with B2B Networking

Imagine paying for your goods and services without cash!

Increasing your business customer base! Increasing your sales!
Improving your cash flow!


Imagine My Accounting and Financial Services are able to provide you with an immense online marketplace for companies to barter their products and services with other companies. It is the world’s largest business networking platform for trading and is designed to expand your business and thus your profits.


We are able to network you with other brands and can open up your Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Perth business to a whole other market of potential customers around the world. We aim to make our service completely secure and grant you the benefit of flexibility to manage your business more efficiently.


The key to growth: Better sales & lower expenses


As an Imagine My Accounting and Financial Services member, we help you to improve profits and reduce expenses in your business just through the barter-trade of excess goods or filling idle capacity. We help you to turn wastage and downtime into a viable asset.


More customers


Our service promotes your company to thousands of local, national and international businesses who are all potential customers.


Every new customer brought to you brings new income on top of what you’re already receiving, which will help increase your profit margins.


Make use of excess stock & fill idle time


The easiest way to sell your excess or unwanted stock without the need to discount heavily.

If you are a service provider and have the capacity to take on more business then this service is able to fill some of that spare capacity.


Free up cash flow


We give you the freedom to accept trade dollars to attract new customers and increase your sales. Use this additional income to pay for what you need, saving you valuable cash for other expenses and investments.


Interest free line of credit available to grow your business


Our members receive an interest-free line of credit upon joining. This allows members to grow their business using our network, to make purchases immediately and use the network during times when their cash flow has slowed. It’s like an insurance policy for your business…it’s there if you need it.


Contact My Accounting and Financial Services today on 03 9279 3949 or 1300 007 707 to find out more.

Contact us about Accounting and Financial Planning