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Franchising Services

Are you looking to develop your own business in to a Franchise?

Are you looking for a reliable and knowledgeable franchising service.

Imagine My Business Franchise team have extensive experience in the franchising services and industry, and are connected  and involved actively with the FCA (Franchise Council of Australia)


They have extensive experience working with a number of large national franchises to help them grow and helped smaller businesses who were looking to franchise and didn’t know where to start.  Our team of experts have over 30 years business and franchise experience which allow us to provide your business with accurate and practical advice.


Our franchising services include:


  1. Franchising Feasibility Studies
  2. Territory Analysis and Mapping
  3. Franchise System Planning and Execution, including Legal, Marketing and Financial.
  4. Franchisee Screening and Recruitment
  5. Ongoing Franchising Advice and Support


Franchising is a proven way to grow your business, and stretches across nearly every industries and business sector in Australia, all you need is a robust and proxtable business model and you can explore franchising as a grow strategy.

Are you looking to invest in a Franchise?

Whether you’re interested in a cleaning or lawn mowing franchise or a business services franchise, Imagine My Business Franchising Services team can help guide you through the mine xeld of choices available, so me are solid proven models, others are money pits.


Before you decide to invest in a franchise, we can sit down with you and see if franchising is right for you and where to start looking for the one that best suits your needs, then help you through the application process.


The main benefits of owning a franchise is it solid branding in the market plave and it history has some indication of it being a proven way of doing business that both attracts and retains customers.


The key to investing wisely in a franchise is choosing one that has a successful, proven method for it growth and is demonstrating year on year success not just in franchises sold but profitability.


Starting a brand new business or buying a franchise is like working in the dark, you never know what you’re going to run into. That’s why a large percentage of businesses fail in the first three years and franchising has become such a popular way to go into business.


Our Partners

If you are looking at franchising to pursue  your dream  of owning  a  business then  make  sure  you  call  Imagine  My  Business  Franchising  Services  on 03 9279 3949  or  1300  007  707

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