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My Advocacy Services

Do you need someone to act or speak on your behalf?

Involves representing and working with a person or group of people who may need support and encouragement to exercise their rights,in order to ensure that their rights are upheld.


Imagine My Advocacy does just that, we get involved by speaking, acting or writing on behalf of you, another person or group.


The service Imagine My Advocacy offers differs from mediation or negotiation because these processes aim to reach a mutually acceptable outcome between parties.


What constitutes advocacy will differ in different circumstances and according to the skills and needs of the individual or group.


Imagine My Advocacy’s services maybe called upon to work against an established or entrenched value, structure and customs, and more, therefore My Advocacy needs to be able to offer you the independent of support you are looking for to represent your best interests.

Imagine My Advocacy Services include but not limited to:

Imagine My Individual Advocacy


Imagine My Advocacy, help you to seek a solution with and for people with disabilities to their particular problems or needs, so as to enhance their rights and dignity.


Imagine My Systemic Advocacy


Imagine My Advocacy look to help you to influence the ‘system'( e.g. the policies and procedures of agencies / governments )to change in response to people with disabilities and their families / carers needs.


Imagine My Self Advocacy


Imagine My Self Advocacy is about empowering people with disabilities / families & carers,to speak up for themselves.My Self Advocacy assists you to develop or maintain the personal skills and self-confidence you need to be able to represent your own interests in the community.


Imagine My Citizen Advocacy


Imagine My Citizen Advocacy services recruit and support individual volunteers from the community to assist i)persons with disabilities, or ii) the families of, and other persons who provide care for and assistance to, people with disabilities to represent their interests in day to day life and the community.


Imagine My Group Advocacy


Imagine My Group Advocacy services facilitate community organisations to represent the interests of groups of persons with disabilities and / or their families/carers.


Why is Advocacy Important?


Society has many different ‘groupings’ of people, some of which are more disadvantaged than others. This disadvantage can make a person more vulnerable, emotionally, physically and mentally,this is where Imagine My Advocacy is called upon to help.


People with disabilities and their families in general tend to fall in to the disadvantaged category. This disadvantage may occur due to a number of reasons:


  1. emotional & physical stress
  2. lack of support
  3. inability to obtain needed services/assistance
  4. financial pressures
  5. complications due to a disability/chronic illness which cause extra pressure e.g. transport
  6. community attitudes, perceptions & misconceptions
  7. And more


Imagine My Advocacy can be called upon to help you have a voice and aid you in getting the support or out come you deserve.


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