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My Concierge Services

Imagine My Concierge Services

Webster Online Dictionary offers this definition…

“a resident in an apartment building who serves as door keeper, landlord’s representative, and janitor.


Regardless of the origin, hotels from around the world were the first ones to adopt the concierge idea and offer the service to their guests. Today, independent concierge companies like us at Imagine My Concierge, have brought this ancient service to the modern world so that now everyone has access to them.

So what exactly is a concierge?

The short answer is simply another word for personal assistant.

The concierge industry itself is only about 25 years old and started with a few brave pioneers who took the hotel concierge idea and decided to offer it to the corporate and high end residential world.


Every day business professionals just like you, are finding it hard to do basic domestic chores and still enjoy our busy social life as reward for our hard work.


Since most of us don’t have a personal assistant to make the phone calls and run the errands forus, we try and cram them into the weekend and on our lunch hour during the week.


Infact,many people feel that there are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done.




Concierge Services


With Imagine My Concierge Services the help you deserve has finally arrived!!!

Whilst the personal concierge industry is fairly new, we have taken the best practice from around the globe to be able to provide you with the help that you deserve.




Simple. We know busy professionals like you are trying to squeeze 36 hours into a 24-hour day.


Here are a just a few services that you can expect from Imagine My Concierge Services


  • Help with searching for tickets to concerts and special events,
  • Transportation Services,
  • Business Referral Service,
  • Restaurant Recommendations and Booking Reservations,
  • Dry cleaning pick-up/delivery,
  • Grocery shopping,
  • Pet services,
  • Senior care,
  • Modified house sitting,
  • Travel and Vacation Planning,
  • Meeting and Event Planning
  • and more


This is only a few of the many services you can come to expect from My Concierge to help you live the life style you deserve.

With Imagine My Concierge, the sky is the limit!

There are dozens and dozens of things you can do here.


Why not provide Imagine My Concierge services to a visiting VIP client or valuable executive on your team, it is a unique newwork/life reward.


If you are running a Real estate management company consider offering an Imagine My Concierge service to your apartment and office building tenants as a value add.


Imagine My Concierge service is also ideal for private hospitals, universities, shopping malls, airports and more.


Imagine My Concierge is certainly the wave of the future.


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