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Online Management and Exercise Programs

What if the best physio for you was just a click away?

Telephysio has a collection of highly experienced and specialised physiotherapists available to assist you from the comfort of your home. Using our secure video-link software you will be connected to a physiotherapist of your choice. Your physio will then take a full history of your condition and guide you through a series of movements and physical tests to help them identify your current physical condition and which muscles and joints are contributing to your injury. Your physio will then explain to you what is causing your problems and formulate a treatment plan on how to improve and return to full function. Your treatment may include


  • Guided self-massage and/or stretches using bands, foam rollers etc.
  • Exercise / strengthening session
  • Management advice
  • Home Exercise program, including digital program.

Our Team

Our team of online physiotherapists have been selected for their experience and collectively have specialisations that cover all body parts, so you can choose the right physio for you and your condition, regardless of their physical location. If you want to change physios or occasionally have an appointment with a different therapist, you can switch between them without any extra fee and your notes will carry over.

About Telephysio

Telephysio is about providing you with world class care from the comfort of your own home. Choose the right therapist for you book and appointment and your therapist can assess and treat your condition through our secure video-link.