What is a telephysio or pilates session like?

An online physiotherapy session enables you to have the same interaction with a therapist remotely that you would in the clinic, with 1:1 discussion with your therapist and guidance and feedback for your individualized therapy treatment. Just as we do in-clinic, we’ll conduct a thorough history and lead you through a physical assessment. We will then guide you through some management options including self-massage and mobilisations, appropriate stretches and direct you through a home exercise program tailored to meet your injury. At the conclusion of your session we will provide you with a digital exercise program that will be emailed to you with video, reps and sets and images. We also include management option and intervention for the ongoing care and management of your condition between sessions.

Why do telephysio?

Even before Covid 9 telepysio was gaining in popularity. There’s no need to travel or sit in waiting rooms, and perhaps best of all you have a wider range of therapists, not limited to your physical surroundings.

How can I schedule a session?

You can contact your chosen therapist directly by email, call our manager or easiest of all book directly online through our clinic software.

How long is a telephysio appointment?

An Initial consultation lasts for 60 minutes. Follow up consultations are generally 45 minutes.

What equipment do I need for telephysio physiotherapy or pilates?

You will need the following:

  • Desktop or laptop computer, tablet or mobile phone with a working camera and microphone
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Comfortable clothing and space that will allow for movement
  • Any exercise equipment prescribed by your therapist or that you regularly use

Do I need to download an app or do I need a specific device?

No, you do not need to download anything. You can use a laptop, computer or mobile phone. Mobile devices allow for more flexibility in changing location to perform exercises as needed, however, computers may result in better connectivity and optics.

Is telephysio secure?

Yes, for optimal security we use our clinic management software to connect you and your therapist via video-link. It is the very secure software, more so than most commony used ones like Zoom or Skype. It’s also very reliable and simple to use.

Will my insurance plan cover telephysio PT?

Insurance coverage for physiotherapy, myotherapy and clinical pilates is rapidly changing. We will work with you to review your insurance coverage and give you all of the information you need to make the best decision for your care. All our physiotherapiss and myotherapists have provider numbers in Australia and are registered by the relevant board.

How do I join my session with my therapist?

When the appointment is created, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to join the session. You will also receive a reminder the night before the session with the same link. Simply click the link at the start of the appointment time and you will be connected to your therapist.

Have a question we didn't cover?

For more information or for any questions not listed, please email us, or talk to your therapist.