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Our Physiotherapists have a broad Sports Injury knowledge and are trained to accurately diagnose and manage a full range of Sports Injuries. Being athletes ourselves we know the importance of being back on track as fast as possible for the big game!

We also know how important it is to get the right sports physiotherapy advice so that you can safely and confidently take the field without risking further injury or relapsing a previous sports injury.
At St Leonards Physiotherapy we have a keen interest in sports injuries and have successfully treated patients from a variety of sporting fields including rugby league, rugby union, Australian rules football, soccer, hockey, netball, cricket, basketball, dancing, swimming, baseball, softball, tennis, running, golf and lawn bowls so if you have a sporting injury we know how to fix it!

It is important to be seen as soon as possible after your sporting injury so don’t delay in calling us to arrange an appointment.

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