Why we need to treat sports injuries in kids and adolescents

When young children suffer sporting injuries, parents often brush over the injury thinking because they are young, children will heal quickly without any need for treatment.

This attitude is dangerous as non-treatment can often cause long-term problems and reduce a child’s enthusiasm for sport. Both are situations we never want to occur.

Diagnosis is essential

No matter what the injury is, early diagnosis is essential to ensure appropriate treatment can begin, and the child can return to the sporting activity as soon as possible.  It’s important that we understand early what the problem is.  In many cases, the child can continue to participate in sport without delay.  But some injuries can potentially develop into long-term or even chronic injuries if left untreated.

Children can also suffer from overuse type injuries like stress fractures which if left untreated, can lead to long-term problems and affect physical development.  Injuries like this can often be a sign of overtraining which may highlight a need to more properly manage a child’s exercise load.

We teach kids about injury management

As children and adolescents develop their interest in sport, learning how to manage their own sporting injuries can only be a good thing. When we treat kids at St Leonards Physio we also try to educate them on the correct way to treat any new injuries.

Kids often know they need to apply ice to their injury. But in most cases, that’s the extent of their knowledge. We teach kids the correct way to apply ice in the first instance including time and frequency as well as showing them some good exercises and techniques to help prevent future injury.

Meet Requel Trevillion our adolescent specialist

Paediatric Physiotherp St LeonardsRequel Trevillion an experienced Physiotherapist and member of our team who specialises in treating children and adolescents with musculoskeletal and sporting injuries. She has a special interest in adolescent kids with postural and hypermobility problems. She runs small group exercise classes at the practice, to cater for children between the ages of 5 and 14.

If you have a child with a sporting injury book an appointment with Requel by clicking on this link >> Book an appointment online today 

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