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St Leonards Physiotherapy provides a comprehensive management program for patients with osteo-arthritis. If you are suffering with hip or knee joint pain, then there are almost always other issues that directly contribute to the problem, such as carrying extra weight or back pain. In order to get the best results, we need to look at the big picture, rather than just giving you some exercises for your sore knee. This will give you the best chance of delaying or avoiding joint replacement surgery. Our program has the following elements:

1. Physiotherapy

When you first come to the practice, you will undergo a detailed musculoskeletal assessment. We take some measurements of weight (such as BMI and waist circumference) and exercise capacity (using devices such as steps, stationary bike or treadmill). We look carefully at muscle length and strength issues for your whole body, not just your sore joint. We look for biomechanical issues that may be contributing to your pain. For example, weakness of core and buttock muscles may be contributing to excessive loading of your hip and knee joints.

The aim of this process is to get a baseline recording of your current problems. This allows us to plan a treatment program that suits you best.

2. Knee Braces

There are some very good knee braces that can help to reduce pain. In particular, we recommend the Ossur Unloader One and Unloader Fit braces. They are dynamic, uni-compartmental unloading braces, which means that they help to reduce the pressure on one side of the knee and transfer it to the other side of the knee. This works well when you have a problem primarily on one side of the knee.

Our physiotherapists have spent a lot of time and training with Ossur to become authorised fitters of these specialised braces. The braces are not suitable for all patients, therefore we need a careful assessment to ensure that they are appropriate for you. The braces are not a stand alone solution, and work well in conjunction with an exercise and weight loss program.

3. Exercise Programs

Exercise is the key for effective management of arthritis. However, it is very important that you get the intensity and type of exercise right to help you. One of the big problems is people with osteo-arthritis often know that they need to lose weight, but whenever they try and exercise, they end up aggravating their sore hip or knee. This cycle often ends up in frustration and despair.

At St Leonards Physiotherapy, we run a number specialised exercise programs. There are small group classes that we run at the practice. These have a maximum of 4 people per class, and they run for 1 hour per week for 9 consecutive weeks. The exercises are a combination of stretching and strengthening exercises with a strong focus on Pilates. We group people of similar age, problems and exercise level.

One of the exciting developments at our practice is the opening of a clinic at North’s Fitness, which is located within North Sydney League’s Club at Cammeray. Having our physiotherapist’s in the gym has allowed us to improve our osteo-arthritis program. St Leonards Physiotherapy at North’s allows us to co-ordinate your management with the gym’s existing weight loss exercise programs. Some of North’s programs include aqua-aerobics, stationary bike classes and personal training.

4. Referral for other services

We have worked extremely hard to build up a network of health professionals that we can refer you to if required. This may include a session with a podiatrist or dietician. You may need to talk with your GP regarding your medications or further medical tests or scans. You may need to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon or a Rheumatologist for specialised advice. This will be decided on your initial assessment.

Whether you are referred to our practice or find us yourselves, the same process will be initiated to work out the best management plan for you. We have associated ourselves with a network of excellent Allied Health and Medical Practitioners. We all work together to provide the best outcome for you, the patient.


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