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Classes are available to suit all levels of ability from intermediate to advanced starting from 7.30am to 7pm weekdays.

Can Pilates help me?

Pilates is a very specific form of exercise involving the conscious control of all muscular movements in the body. It focuses initially on the development of core muscle control in the pelvis and shoulder girdle, before moving on to other parts of the body. This process starts with simple isolated movements, and progresses to dynamic and complex exercises while maintaining good postural alignment. The aim is restore natural, normal movement patterns to resolve pain or injury. These patterns become automatic through repetition.

At St Leonards Physiotherapy, we have developed a unique assessment process that will help us to unravel your individual musculoskeletal problems. This assessment takes 45 minutes and looks at issues such as flexibility, strength, posture and watching how you move. This allows us to tailor an exercise program specifically for your body.

Our Pilates exercise classes are tailored for you.

The classes are individually tailored to your particular issues. There is a maximum of 4 people per class, and you will be grouped with people of similar age, ability and issues. The classes are a 9 week program of 1 hour per week. You will learn all the exercises that you need to take control of your body. So whether you have back pain, running injuries or poor posture at work, the classes will help you to solve your problems.

Our innovative class program will teach you how your spine and body should move. We use a blend of Pilates equipment (such as Reformer and Trapeze table) and floor equipment (such as balls, bands, and foam rollers) to challenge your stability and improve the variety of exercises within the programme. We will teach you the specific techniques that you will need to self manage your condition when you are not at the class.

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To find a class that suits your particular needs and availabilty, contact the practice on (02) 9438 1782

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