Work Rehabilitation

When you experience neck, back or shoulder pain at work, there are 2 issues at play. One issue is the musculoskeletal imbalances and postural issues to do with your body. These issues can to be dealt with by one of the experienced physiotherapist at our practice. The other issue is your office equipment, where incorrect set-up of your workstation will place excessive strain on certain key areas, leading to pain and injury. Correcting the position of your chair, table or computer can make a big difference to your pain.

Our physiotherapists are experts at making adjustments to work stations to ensure that you have optimal set-up. We want to make sure that we are dealing with all aspects of your injury so that you get the best possible outcome when your are having treatment at St Leonards Physiotherapy. If your office is in the local area, then are happy to come to your work place for FREE to assess your work station set-up.

We can also provide ERGONOMIC SEMINARS to your whole office.

So call today on 9438 1782 to discuss how we can help you at work.

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