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Mental Health Support, education and training Melbourne

The Wish Group provides support and education in the area of mental health. The incidence of Mental illness is increasing in our society with 1 in every 4 people experiencing some form of mental illness in their lives. The impact of mental illness in all areas of our society is significant and increasing. The staff at Wish are able to provide a range of supports to meet your needs. From clinical supervision to individual counselling. Mindfulness to corporate workforce support. If you are looking for help with a mental health problem, need someone to help you develop a mentally healthy workplace, want professional support in your career we have someone who can assist.

At Wish we are committed to improving the lives of everyone impacted by mental illness. From Mental Health Training courses to counselling and consultancy Wish is able to support all people affected by mental illness, both carers and consumers.

What We Offer

Accredited Mental Health First Aid Courses

Additional Training

Custom Built

Workplace Mental

Employee Assistance Programs

University Mental Health Support Programs

Clinical Supervision



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