Benefits Of Strip Solar Pool Heating

Benefits Of Strip Solar Pool Heating

Benefits of Strip Solar Pool HeatingThe natural way to heat your pool.

You’re thinking about heating your pool so you can use it more often. Without heat, you’ll probably only be able to use a Melbourne pool for three months of the year, so the question is not whether you need pool heating, but what type.

For those who are happy to swim for about half of the year, it’s difficult to look past strip solar pool heating.

Using only the natural heat of the sun, strip solar heating can increase the temperature of your pool by up to 10oC. It’s a pretty simple solution. Water is pumped from your pool to your roof and then circulates through specially formulated PVC nitrile tubes (collectors) that use the heat from the sun to warm the water, which is then returned to your pool.

The strips are laid in the optimum position across your roof, and are flexible enough to go around obstructions like air-conditioning units or skylights. That means it’s easy to install in the optimum location to make the most of the sun’s warmth.

The system comes with sensors and a digital controller too, which means you can set the pool temperature you want and let the solar pool heating do the rest. That makes it a really efficient and cost-effective way of heating your pool. Once you’ve made the original outlay, the only running costs will come from the small pump that pushes the water up to your roof.

And if you’re worried about what your roof will look like, you needn’t. The collectors look neat and tidy when they are laid across your roof.

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