Why a Pool Cover Will Save You Time and Money

Why a Pool Cover Will Save You Time and Money

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Ever had the feeling that your pool just eats chlorine? Are you frustrated with the constant battle between you and the gum tree that seems to enjoy flicking its debris into your pool at every opportunity? Are you starting to worry that there’s a leak in your pool—the water level drops so quickly during the summer that you have to top it up every couple of weeks? Or are you concerned about how much it’s costing you to maintain your pool?

If any of the above questions resonate, then you should be looking at a pool cover. It really is a solution to many of the problems you’ll encounter when you have your own pool.

For starters, there’s the temperature. Having your pool covered could mean you retain up to 75% of the heat in your pool, and increase the temperature by up to 8o C. This means you can keep your pool at a great temperature for longer, while reducing your heating costs.

A swimming pool cover can also reduce water evaporation by up to 97%. Depending on where you are in Australia, that can save you 50,000 to 70,000 litres of water—in itself, enough to fill a reasonable-sized pool—every year. Stopping your water disappearing brings other benefits too. As the water evaporates, so too does the chlorine. The warmer your pool is, the quicker it evaporates. The knock-on effect is that you’ll incur more running costs and spend more money on chemicals, trying to keep the pool safe to swim in.

Finally, a pool cover will help prevent leaves from accumulating in your pool. It’s far easier to blow leaves off a pool cover, or scoop them off the water’s surface, than to remove them from the bottom of your pool.

So, if you want to keep your pool warmer, cleaner, and better balanced, call Supreme Heating now on 1300 787 978 to talk about the range of pool covers we have.

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